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Batman Movies

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The comedian Michael Keaten takes the mask and cowl of Batman to the silver screen. Rather than a campy or comedic approach to the role, the movie presents Batman in any light but that. A serious tortured soul struggling to find himself and better the world is what this encarnation of Batman is about; quite similar to the Batman as told in the Legend of the Dark Knight comic series. Batman was not born a strong, intelligent, brave soul. Rather circumstance made him this way. While as a boy, Bruce Wayne watched as criminal Jack Napier kills both his parents after asking them if they like to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight. The image of their death burned into young Bruce's conciousness. Along with his butler Alfred, Batman was born aimed at finding his parents killer and righting the wrongs of the world. Jack Napier still exists and torments the world, but he is still a somewhat normal criminal. But during one criminal endeaver he falls into a vast amount of chemical toxins that transform him into the Joker. The Joker then aims to make everyone just like him by poisoning the citizens of Gotham. But Batman intervenes. The movie proceeds with action sequences that take the Batman franchise to a realm never before achieved. Batman ultimately kills the Joker but not after fighting his way through moutains of goons, thugs, and criminals, to get to the Joker.

Batman Returns

A new villain emerges for Batman to deal with. At first Oswald Cobblepot makes himself out to be a victim of parental neglect. But with time the Penguin is born who schemes to destroy Gotham with the help of his Penguins and their rockets. Catwoman enters the picture and teams with Penguin. The Penguin ultimately is killed and it seems that Catwoman has survived.

Batman Forever

Batman is played by a new actor, Val Kilmer in this film. Batman battles against the riddler who uses puzzles and riddles to steer Batman into a trap. Two face is the other villain. He is known as two face because of his facial deformities. Two face flips a coin to determine the fate of his enemies. In the movie's end Batman throws up many coins to destract Two Face while he is flipping to determine Batman's fate. Batman teams with an orphan, and Robin is born. Batman is now part of a family, and the legacy of Batman seems to be a thing of forever now.

Batman and Robin

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Mr Freeze who uses cold to freeze his enemies. He attempts to freeze gotham. His freeze weapons need diamons however. Batman sets a big diamond as bait for Mr Freeze. Poision Ivy a crazed environmentalist teams with Mr Freeze in a scheme to end the world for humanity, so that plant life may thrive again. Bane a super hormone pumped being acts as Ivy's personal servant. Batman and Robin ultimately imprision the trio of villains and all is well in Gotham again.

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