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Bean is the first cinematic apperance of comical character Mr Bean to audiences of the US. Mr Bean is most famous for his 30 minute skits originating from England but finding a home on Comedy Central in the US. Mr Bean played by Rowan Atkinson is one of the strangest, silliest looking, trouble making characters ever in any entertainment form.

The movie begins with Mr Bean holding a position of security guard at an Art musem in England. He basically sits, sleeps, and watches paintings all day. In short he does nothing. Mr Bean's boss wants to fire him desperately but someone on the Museum's Board of Trustees likes Bean so that isn't going to happen. Instead everyone decides to ship Bean off to America so he won't bother them anymore. Bean's assignment is to unveil a $50 million painting, Whistler's Mother by James Whistler that has recently been purchased from France by an American. Bean of course knowns nothing of art.

Mr Bean boards a plane and arrives in an airport in Los Angeles. He plays games with the security guards and pretends to have a loaded gun by pretending with his finger. Finally Bean makes it to his American host's home where he will be staying until the painting is unveiled to the public. While waiting for the big painting day, Bean gets a chicken stuck on his head, and runs a movie simulator ride way too fast among other things.

The painting Bean plans to unveil is stolen and later replaced. By the movie's end Bean gives a speech, unveils the painting, and saves a life in the hospital before the movie ends. Bean insists on being called Dr Bean throughout the film so its only appropriate that he gets to do something in a hospital.

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