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Best of the Best Movies

Best of the Best

An American Karate team fights the reigning Korean champions in a tournament event. The American team is made up of a diverse cross sectino of the country, including one oriental fighter. The last fight to determine the winners of the tournament involves an injured American fighter playing against a fully rested Korean fighter. After the match one of the fighters who lost a brother in a previous tournmanet announces that he woul dbe happy to call his opponent his brother. With blood spurting out rather than tears, the scene really captures the heart of the movie. Best of The Best starred James Earl Jones as the American coach of a team of ill prepared, overconfident American fighters that ultimately rise to the top and win.

Best of the Best II

After an American fighter dies in a tournament, 2 fighters from the first movie travel to fight in this tournament personally. The tournament is more a brawl than one of discipline. In the movie even weapons are allowed. In one more memorable scene, pipes are used. Sparks fly as blocking, striking and dodging sequences fill the screen. This is a movie of action just like the first.

Best of the Best 3

A figher from the original American Olympic team who starred in both of the movies sequels travels to a covenant community. There he finds an education center for skinheads and a vast training grounds. He fights his way through the hordes of "supremists" that could not even even put up a good fight even with far superior numbers. He shows the leader of the group for the coward he is and saves the life of one boy who has been drawn into the ideology of hate.

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