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Black Hole

Black Holes have launched the human imagination into many varied and diverse areas. A Black Hole is a theoretical mass concentration that exerts extreme gravitational force which even bends rays of light. The Black Hole movie was released in the early 80's; this is surprising considering the status the movie has among classic sci-fi fans.

Black Hole is about one man's quest to realize the powers that Black Holes have to reveal and share. Dr Reinhardt was his name. He built a space vessel which travels in space, manned with some of the finest scientific minds man has to offer. But as time went on, his quest to understand a Black Hole led him down a path of madness. His crew was enclosed in robotic like structures to allow for complete and utter obbedience. A gigantic red robot named Maxmillian was built to serve as a protector.

Travelers from Earth arrive on the space station of Dr Reinhardt and at first are welcomed. But ultimately they are prevented from leaving when the discover that the human crew has been converted into a life of robot servitude. A miniature robot named Vincent leads the human explorers and on occasion explains the nature of machine life on this station. He ultimately meets another similar machine named Bob.

In one climatic battle scene the machines Bob, and Vincent battle hordes of machine soldiers. Spinning about and flying throughout corridors and hallways they fight strategically. In the film's dramatic end the space vessel goes into the Black Hole. Maxmillian is seen standing within and Dr Reinhardt is seen plummeting to what is a certain death.

This movie launched the human imagination into the fields of astronomy and physicis for many. Even today it serves as a great inspirational force for those among man who reach for the stars.

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