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In the modern world if vampires exist, just how would vampire hunters operate. Would they use stakes and necklaces of garlic as some have in the past or would they resort to more modern means of killing. In the movie Blade the hunters of Vampires use a variety of exotic technology and incredible willpower to combat their vampire foe. Wesley Snipes plays Blade, the chief vampire killer in the film. He himself is half vampire and half human. In essence he has all of the strengths of vampires and none of their weaknesses. Sunlight does not affect him and yet he still has superhuman strength.

The movie begins with a dance club party scene. Everyone appears to be having great fun. Sprinklers spew a red mist onto the dancers. This misty material would be blood as everyone at the dance club is a vampire. Wesley Snipes steps into the scene as Blade and kicks, and cuts his way through everyone at the club. When Blade is done nothing but death and gore lines the floor.

Blade works with a partner in his fight against the creatures of the night. Together they have developed garlic laced bullets and darts, as well as other exotic contraptions to aid them. Blade's partner gets bitten and ultimately Blade has to kill him to save his soul.

The movie ends with Blade facing a legion of vampires who aim to harness his blood in an attempt to gain his strength. He is chained to a wall and appears to be ready for death. But the blood of a female he cares for energizes him so that he can finish what he came to do. That being slicing, kicking, and thrashing his way to victory over the vampires.

This easily is Wesley Snipes best action movie to date. Its more of an action film that a traditional vampire film. In the movie Snipes performs aerial acrobatic attacks that have never been seen in film before. With a big ass sword and a physique chiseled in stone Snipes represents a new breed of hero who fights the vampire essence of what he truly is.

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