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Blade/Eric played by Wesley Snipes

Blade is a half human/half vampire with all of the powers of vampires without their weaknesses. He takes shots daily to prevent himself from completely becoming a vampire. Blade has dedicated his life to killing Vampires.

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Abraham Whistler played by Kris Kristofferson

Whistler is a partner of Blade's fight against vampires. Whistler provides Blade with weapons and technology including garlic bullets, metal swords, and other special weapons. Whistler also provides a medicinal shot that keeps Blade from turning into a vampire completely.

Dr. Karen Jenson played by N'Bushe Wright

Karen is a hemotalogist or a scientist of blood that is drawn into the world of Blade and his vampire hunting during an attack. Karen becomes a succesor to Whistler, a man that has provided Blade with treatments to keep him from becoming a complete vampire. At the movie's end Karen gives Blade some of her blood so that he can have the strength to fight Deacon Frost and his vampire underlings.

Deacon Frost played by Stephen Dorff

Deacon Frost is a vampire with radical ideas. He goes against Dragonetti and the Vampire council that runs things. Deacon Frost plans to perform a sacrifice to the Blood god. Deacon plans to sacrifice the blood of Blade a half human vampire. This will enable Deacon to become a vampire that can walk in the day as well as the night.

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Dragonetti played by Udo Kier

Dragonetti is a high ranking official of the ruling class of Vampires. He believes Vampires should stick to their original methods of mantaining power through selectively acquiring new members to their cause via converting them to vampires also. He doesen't advocate the radical ideas of Deacon Frost which include trying to create a super vampire race.

Racquel played by Traci Lords

Raquel is just another of Deacon Frost's vampire friends. She likes to eat though and enjoys human blood a lot. In the photo on the left she poses eager to feed and drenched in blood. What is interesting about Racquel is that she is played by Traci Lords, a very famous porn star who is notorious for being caught in the past making more than 77 adult films while being less than 18, the legal age in the US.

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Mercury played by Arly Jover

Mercury is a love interest of sorts for Deacon Frost. Somehow the character seems to belong more in the Matrix than this movie though.

Quinn played by Donal Logue

Quinn is one of Deacon Frost's loyal followers that looks forward to the day when he will be able to exist as a Vampire that can walk during daylight as Frost promises is the future. Quinn worns Frost that their adversary Blade is very dangerous but Frost doesen't pay him any attention on the matter.

Obese Vampire played by Pearl

This vampire is just one fat, monsterlike freak. His presence in the film is spooky to say the least. I wonder how many humans he has eaten whole?

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