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Frank Dux played by Jean-Claude Van Damme

Frank Dux is one of a few westerners to compete in the Kumite this year. He meets up with another American, Jackson and the two of them root for each other in the Kumite. Frank can do a few amazing things including the "Touch of Death" which involves a massive blow that breaks many bricks. Frank also can do flying kicks of all sorts. He faces the former Kumite champion Chong Li in a final match and becomes the first Westerner ever to win the Kumite.

Janice Kent played by Leah Ayres

Janice is a reporter from the west that has traveled to Hong Kong to try to learn about the Kumite for her story. Frank Dux tells her where it is and she and Frank hit it off rather well. Janice thinks the whole Kumite thing is a macho head game.

Chong Li played by Bolo Yeung

Chong Li is the reigning Kumite champion. He holds the record for fastest win until Frank Dux breaks it. Chong Li, likes to flex his pecs and snort his nose on both sides to unnerve his opponents. He enjoys working the crowd and inflicts injury on Frank's friend Jackson after he has already won the match. Chong Li in the end has to ask for mercy in his match with Frank Dux to save his own life.

Mr. Tanaka, Frank's teacher played by Roy Chiao

Mr. Tanaka is Frank Dux's trainer. He teaches him to be able to walk, defend, and fight blindfolded. He teaches him how to catch fish with his bare hands along with the powers of concentration.

Federal Agents Rawlins (right) and Helmer played by Forest Whitaker and Norman Burton

These two agents are dispatched by the US goverment to bring back Frank Dux, a valuable elite soldier that the US goverment doesen't want to see hurt. They try getting Frank with stun guns and via Captain Chen's men but ultimately they give up and let Frank fight in the kumite.

The Big Guy

This big bear of a man uses a bear hug to break the back of his opponents and force them into unconciousness. When Frank gets into trouble in a match against this beast he head butts him to get loose and does an amazing quick split to nail him in the groin.

Kumite Referee played by A.P. George

This is the kumite referee. His main job is the make sure that fighting stops when one fighter gives up, is thrown out of the ring, or is knocked unconcious. At such a point one fighter has clearly won but sometimes a fighter keeps fighting in an an attempt to kill his opponent. In the final match between Frank Dux and Chong Li, this referee is nearly hit but a blinded Frank feels the mans face before slowly pushing him away to get to his target.

Captain Chen

Captain Chen is the military official that agrees to give help to the American FBI agents that are trying to bring back Frank Dux to prevent Frank, a valuable soldier from possibly being hurt. When Chen and his men finally corner Frank he walks slowly down the street and beats the hell out of everyone of Chen's soldiers who try to slow him down.

The African Warrior

This is the tall lanky African warrior that hops around and fights from a low profiled crouch position. As tall men swing and miss him because he is so down low he inflicts a few quick blows. When he has hurt his opponent bad he jumps ontop of them and gives them a real beating.

The Quick Knee guy

This guy with a really men determined look is a kicker. But when he gets his opponents in close he knees them in the face and body to bring them down. Frank Dux has to get into a kicking match with this fellow and take a lot of painful blows to finally bring him down.

The Coin game guy

This is the Arab like fighter that tries to claim the female reporter Janice as his own. Frank Dux steps in and plays a coin game with the man to determine Janice's fate. If the guy can close his hand before Frank can retrieve a coin then the girl is his. The guy thinks he has won after closing his hand until he opens it again and realizes not only is the coin gone but Frank has switched the coin with another.

The rich Asian gambler

This is a fight promoter of sorts that bets a lot of money on Frank Dux. His troubles with English coupled with his simple phrases make him an interesting character.

Frank Dux and Jackson's Asian guide

This glasses wearing guide is assigned to the Americans Frank Dux and Jackson. He guides them throughout Hong Kong to the illeagal Kumite competition which is why Frank and Jackson came to Hong Kong.

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