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Bram Stoker's Dracula

The movie begins with a warrior, Vlad "the impaler" traveling off to fullfill his duty as a Christian soldier fighting in the crusades. He goes off to battle in a rippling red costume that exudes a sense of power and beauty that armor seldom can possess. Upon returning to his homeland Vlad discovers that the love of his life has killed herself by throwing herself out of a castle and onto the hard ground beneath. Apparently a fake note stating her lover had died persuaded her to kill herself. Vlad doesen't see the irony in his fighitng for Christianity and his own lover commiting the ultimate sin of suicide before he can return.

After realizing just what he has lost and how much he has given to god, Vlad renounces god altogether. He scorns the cross, and his religion. He drinks of the blood of christ and emerges a creature of eternity that can not die that waits for the return of the spirit of his dead lover. He remains in Transylvania and becomes known as Count Dracula. Centuries later a real estate agent played by Keeanu Reeves arrives to settle some business. The Count notices a picture of this agent's wife who appears remarkably like his own dead love from so long ago. The Count imprisons the agent in his castle and attempts to frighten and toy with this mortal man while he travels to London to find the woman that resembles his century dead lover.

The movie starts out very strong with killing scenes, and dead impaled bodies lining the ground for miles. As the film progresses vampire hunter Helsing is introduced and the film proceeds slowly to its conclusion. Once the initial style and goth appearance of Dracula and his powers fade, the movie becomes quite drawn out and hard to follow. In spite of its boring moments, the film features an incredible beginning and one of the most erotic scenes in film involving 3 female vampires. For these two scenes alone the movie is more than worth a peek.

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