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In all revolutions there are to be found revolutionarary leaders. In the days of archers and swords, William Wallace was one such leader. Seeking to lead his people of Scotland to independence from British rule. In the movie Braveheart; William Wallace is played by Mel Gibson. William Wallace exists initially as a meek, rather passive individual. Such is the early path of many who rise to greatness. He seeks no quarrel with the British until they initiate a new policy of allowing British soldiers to "breed" with native Scotts. This is to breed the Scottish blood from them so to speak. It serves as a subhuman insult that drives William Wallace into revolutionary ferver. He gathers the peasants, young and old of Scottish tribes and prepares to do battle. With war paint and a devilish intensity, battle after battle are won.

At one point British troops meet Wallace with numerous Irish mercenaries. The Irish charge the field of battle as the Scotts lead by Wallace do the same. They meet midway and instead of fighting, they embrace each other. The Britts it seemed have payed for a new ally for Wallace. Now the British would be fighting their own paid mercenaries. Like most professional armies of the time, the British have the very finest archers. Untrained peasant forces seldom have those so skilled with the long bow. Flurry after flurry of arrows rain down on Wallace and his troops. Wallace and his men hold their meager wooden shields overhead in hopes of some defense.

The movie progresses with victory after victory, until Wallace is betrayed and imprisoned. The look of betrayal on Mel Gibson's face is quite a spectacle, and one of the more memorable moments in the film. Only some of the bewildered looks of fear, and betrayal in the Henry V movie can even hope to compare with such a moment of majesty.

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