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The Breakfast Club

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The Breakfast Club is one of the movies most associated with the 80's. The setting is a High School. The characters are a cross section of the world; from the princess, to the jock, and even the brain. The story is about the adventures of the "Breakfast Club" that meets on Saturday during a session of detention. Five meet for punishement on one Saturday morning.

The group includes Claire the self proclaimed princess. The one trick, she is proud of most, involves how she can creatively put on her lipstick without using her hands. Brian is the groups brain, he is failing shop. Shop is supposed to be the easiest class in the world, but he just can't build a lamp worth anything. He is caught with a flaregun in his locker. He intends to commit suicide with it as the shame of earning less than an A in shop would be too much for him. Andrew is the group's jock, he wrestles and has been instilled with a desire to be number one from his father. After reflecting on all the crazy things his father told him that he did when younger, Andrew tapes another student's butt cheeks together. The other members of the group include a female character cloaked in darkness that decides to come to detention because she has nothing better to do. Then theres the group's "criminal" John Bender who lives with an abusive father and always is getting into trouble.

The group members at first dissassociate themselves from each other. But as the day goes on they have adventures together while dodging the principal, trying weed and just talking about their lives. The movie shows that within each person there is a princess, a jock, a criminal, and a brain. The Breakfast Club was filmed on a small set, with a small cast but it transformed itself into a movie of legends. It's the ultimate movie for those with an identity crises; for the young, for the aging, and for the learners of life. The movie shows that people may come from different backgrounds, have different talents, and yet still find in many ways that they are the same.



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