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Can't Hardly Wait

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This is the proverbial party movie. With Jennifer Love Hewitt playing the "babe" that everyone wants. In this film a group of High School seniors is about to graduate, but not before one last party to celebrate the old times they have loved. Jennifer Love Hewitt plays the lovely, Amanda whom everyone wants but whom no one can ever get. Recently she broke up with her boyfriend so everyone has her in their sites. The sexual comments along with being consistantly hit on takes its toll on Amanda.

One man who had always admired her decided to pursue her no matter the consequence. He followed his heart rather than the logical nature of his chances with her. He writes her a poem which is ultimately thrown away. It later returns to Amanda as if by magic. She spends her days at the party looking for the writer whom has churned her thoughts from despair to ones of hope. In one dramatic scene her pursuer calls out to her and then is scorned away; she did not know he was the writer that held her heart in awe.

The film follows this typical path of romance, until at the end Amanda meets her "mystery writer" on a plane trip in which he would have departed from her for good had she not meet him as she did. The film's "geeks" plan to strike revenge on the jock that had ruined their lives all throughout High School. The lead geek is mistaken by his fellow friends and is attacked with a sedative along with the jock. They are stripped of most of their clothing and left in a rather embarassing position.

Surprising when arrested the "lead geek" and his jock adversary acheive a sense of comraderie. The jock covers and says the whole thing was his doing. It seemed such a reaching out was an attempt at friendship. This was until the next day arrived and the jock treated the "geek" as just another piece of slime as he always had. The party was also represented by the man who always wants to score and claims to always score when in fact he never has. This fellow talked in cliches to appear cool and to appear more black than white. One girl saw through this charade. They had never gotten along before, but when locked in a room for the night things do change.

Can't Hardly Wait is a film of sagas, as each character has his own little adventure to see carried forth to completion. Rather its the "geeks" planning to strike revenge, or the poet planning to pursue his dream girl. This film brings all these sagas to a climatic close on one night at one party. This is the film's legacy which will leave even the logical and heartless pondering as to what life really is about



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