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Can't Hardly Wait

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Amanda Beckett played by Jennifer Love Hewitt

Amanda is the High School babe that everyone wants. She has been going out with the school's jock Mike Dexter for years but grows tired of his childish ways. Mike dumps her and later asks to get back together with Amanda but Amanda says no to that. She is tired of people hitting on her since she is now single. She is enchanted by a magical letter written by an unknown author. She seeks out Preston when she discovers he wrote the letter given to her.

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Preston Meyers played by Ethan Embry

Preston is a poet and a romantic at heart. He remembers the first day he saw his dream girl Amanda Beckett at High School. As the last party of High School life is being planned, Preston plans to finally share his feeling with Amanda to see just what will happen. At first Amanda mistakes Preston for another sex craved fool eager to hit on her since she just broke up with her former boyfriend Mike Dexter. Preston writes a letter that ultimately gets lost but returns to Amanda as if by magic. Amanda then seeks out her secret admirer and discovers it is Preston.

Kenny Fisher played by Seth Green

Kenny is a white guy that so wishes he is black. He talks like he belongs in the ghetto and is trying so desperately to make one party the day he loses his virginity. He hits on every girl he can until he finds an asian check that is distraught because she belives her boyfriend is cheating on her. Kenny retires to the bathroom to prepare for his big day but ends up getting locked in the bathroom with Denise Fleming a girl that doesen't seem to like Kenny at all. After much arguing in the bathroom Denise and Kenny have sex. They have a relationship of being together and breaking up for a while after that.

William Lichter played by Charlie Korsmo

William is the leader of the proverbial X-files geeks. William plans to have some compromising photos taken of his school bully, Mike Dexter but ends up in the photos as well by accident. William devises a scheme to prevent himself from getting totally drunk at the party but it fails, and he ends up getting wild. Jumping up on stage he sings and everyone cheers him on.

Mike Dexter played by Peter Facinelli

Mike is a High School jock. He thinks that things are going to be great for him after High School. Mike comes up with the idea of dumping his girlfriend Amanda so that he can be more free to pursue his dreams. He comes to regreat dumping Amanda and comes crawling back to her. Throughout High School Mike picks on William Lichter more than anyone else. William plots to embarass Mike by drugging him and having some guys position him in some compromising photos. By accident William is mistaken for someone else and ends up in the photos too. William and Mike spend the night in jail and Mike claims he was responsible for the whole thing. When William tries to thank Mike days later, Mike just blows him off.

Denise Fleming played by Lauren Ambrose

Denise is an outsider of sorts. She remembers when her school friend Kenny Fisher did not act so "black." She sees through Kenny's charade but doesen't like Kenny all that much either way. When Kenny gets locked in the bathroom with Denise by accident, sparks do fly however. Denise and Kenny end up having sex which leads to a relationship consisting of breaking up and getting backtogether many times.

Trip McNeely played by Jerry O'Connell

Trip is a famous ex jock athlete from High School. Mike Dexter idolizes him and seeks him out for advice. Trip suggests that Mike shouldn't have dumped Amanda, and that college girls are not easy and that there is more to life than sports.

Vicki the Yearbook Girl played by Melissa Joan Hart

Vicki is a crazed teen with too much school spirit. She has made it her mission to gain the signature of every single member of her graduating class for her yearbook. She appears as a strange pest that is rushing about always hustling up yet another signature. Quite a role for the star of Sabrina.

Ready To Have Sex Girl played by Nicole Bilderback

This asian girl feels bad because she believes her boyfriend has been cheating on her. Kenny Fisher discovers her in a vulnerable state and works his magic. Kenny Fisher goes to the bathroom to gain his preparation materials for a night of passion with her. He plans on using a "double bag. but gets locked in the bathroom and misses out on his chance.

The Angel played by Jenna Elfman

This woman in an angel costume is a prostitute coming off a rather kinky day at work. She runs into Preston Myers who feels his destiny is lost forever. She motivates him to go forward and pursue his dream girl Amanda with one last final attempt with everything he has.

Molly, the host of the big party played by Michelle Brookhurst

Molly is the host of the party that is the last major party that many of her High School friends will be able to enjoy. She tries to be cool at first but when she sees how much trouble her party is causing she freaks out. People are spilling stuff, and throwing up, and having sex in her parents home. As things get out of control she finally is forced to call the cops to stop the madness.

X-file geeks Geoff and Murphy played
by Joel Michaely and Jay Paulson

These two are X-File freaks who believe the truth is out there. Their leader is William Lichter. William concocts a plan in which these two will be used to get revenge on the jock Mike Dexter. Instead of embarassing just Mike Dexter they end up getting their leader William in trouble too as they tie the two together in a compromising position. It was dark and they couldn't tell that Mike was not with another of his goons instead of their friend William.

Ben, jock friend of Mike Dexter
played by Sean Patrick Thomas

Ben is one of Mike Dexter's jock friends. When Mike suggests that Ben break up with his girlfriend so that he can be free like Mike, Ben agrees to the idea but never actually follows through.

Olaf the Foreign Exchange Student played by Alexander Martin

Olaf is a foreign exchange student that just sort of shows up at Molly's big party. He really has no clue about the social scene of the party. Like a parrot everyone enjoys having him repeat silly sayings. His one big line in the movie is "Would you like to touch my penis? I am a sex machine!" This line showcases the minor role that this character had.

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