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The running of a modern casino involves more than just blackjack tables, and slot machines. In the movie Casino, it involves mob connections, skimming off the top, and hitman to whack your enemies or persuade your "friends." The movie stars the trio of Robert Dinero, Sharon Stone, and Joe Pesci. Robert Dinero plays the manager of the Casino. Sharon Stone is his wife, and Joe Pesci plays the role of the "fixer" that takes care of the various loose ends that can enter into the scene.

Everything is going well when the casino is going well. The mob got large bags of money each day so they could evade taxes. But as the film progresses the bags get progressively smaller. It becomes difficult to convince them that money counters who skim off the top are just going to steal some for themselves too. Suspicion abounds and bad times are ahead. Dinero has troubles with his wife. Joe Pesci stabs someone who insults the casino boss in one scene and promtly sets out to dispose of the body.

The movie ends with a mob fearful of people testifying against them. A group of old mob bosses kill Pesci and one of his associates with baseball bats. Sometimes running a casino is about more than blackjack and glamour and glitz. The film's chief characters of this film discover that all to painfully.

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