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In the distant past, in a fictitious time in which man lives side by side with dinosaurs there exists a single band of humans fighting to survive. At first there is a single bruttish leader of the group. One man forms a splinter group of outcasts who have more brains than brawn. He desires more than anything to win the lovely Lana, his dream girl. The outcast group at first struggles to find a sense of purpose and identity and live in the shadows, far from the dominant human group in the area. But things were to change.

During ceremonial fire and chant, unity is born among the outcast members. They each hum a song and invent tools and armor to lead them into battle against their human adversaries. With helmets made of bones and shells, slings, and other ranged weapons they give their brutish adversaries hell. The leader of the outcasts has his chance with the lovely Lana. But decides she is too snotty even with all her beauty to be any real prize. He dumps her into a dinosaur dung pile and decides one of his outcast females will be his mate.

The film features no dialogue in english words and instead relies on a primitive dialect of gestures, and grunts, to tell the thoughts of the characters in the film. The film stars Ringo Starr as the leader of the outcast cavemen. He leads a hymn of one of his songs during the ceremonial fire scenes of the movie. The movie aims to be a spoof of many films and succeeds far beyond the realm of spoofs and comedy.

In the film man discovers fire, finds the abomoniable snowman, and invents weapons and tools. Intelligence triumphs over bruttish strength, and dinosaurs lurk in the background as an ever menacing threat. The film features incredible stop motion photographic effects for the dinosaurs and creatures of the film. The film is a classic as many have seen it but few remember the title of this most impressive work.

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