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Atouk played by Ringo Starr

Atouk is an outcast living thousands of years ago in the age of cavemen. He is exiled from the tribe of Tonda. He years for Lana a female in Tonda's tribe, but Tonda seems to have her for himself. Atouk discovers other humans living in the wild and uses them to form his own tribe based not on the bruttishness of Tonda's tribe. His tribe is one of music, fire, and the tools of intelligence. During a major battle against Tonda's tribe his tribe uses armor, ranged weapons, and even dinosaurs to defeat his physically stronger enemies. After finally woeing Lana enough to want him, Atouk drops her in a dung heap and selects one of his own tribemates, Tala instead.

Tala played by Shelley Long

Tala is a member of Atouk's outcast tribe. She adores Atouk more than anything in the world, but Atouk desires Lana a female member of Tonda's tribe. After enjoying Tala's company in his tribe and in battle, Atouk finally realizes Tala is the better girl for him and dumps Lana in a dung heap to show Lana this.

Tonda played by John Matuszak

Tonda is the leader of a bruttish group of humans who exist as caveman thousands of years ago. He exiles Atouk who then forms a group of his own who eventually has to battle Tonda and his bruttish underlings. Tonda's female cavemate is Lana, whom he picked because of her cushy attributes.

Lana played by Barbara Bach

Lana is an opportunist who uses her physical attributes to become the female companion of tribe leader Tonda. After Tonda is defeated by Atouk's tribe she attempts to go after him since he first desired her in the past. But its too late, and when Atouk's tribe and their tools make them the most powerful human tribe in the area, Atouk doesen't want her anymore. Lana is dropped in a pit of dung.

Lar played by Dennis Quaid

Lar is a close friend of Atouk who proves instrumental in the formation of Atouk's tribe and in formulating strategy to fight Tonda's tribe.

The Abominable Snowman

Atouk discovers this creature in a frozen state in a cave. After being awaked Atouk has to fight for his life and run from this creature who was to be a thing of legend thousands of years into the future.

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