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Children of the Corn

Part 1

A young married couple composed of a doctor and his wife (Linda Hamilton AKA Sarah Connor from Terminator) decide to take some back roads on their way to a medical internship program. The couple decides to spend some time in Gatlin, Nebraska, a place where a few years back all the adults were killed by the towns kids. The kids still dwell in the town although there are no adults now except for the two strangers that have stumbled onto this town. The kids leader Isaac leads the kids in an almost cult like way. His chief enforcer Malachi ensures that everyone stays in line. Whenever killing has to be done Malachi is the one that is called on to do it. In the movie's end the two outsiders are brought within the corn fields during a vast ceremony. The female wife is to be sacrified while crucified via corn stalks. The doctor reasons with the kids that no religion can be true if it doesen't involve love. His emotional drivel gets through to some of the kids, and ultimately ends in leader Isaac having to kill his chief enforcer Malchi because he wouldn't kill anymore. The movie presents child characters with a variety of colorful biblical names. Old time phrases like infidel and other religious phrases spring forth from the dialogue with ease and make for interesting speaches. The movie spawned 5 sequels and is based on a Stephen King short story.

Part 2

A tabloid repoter dad and his son travel to Gatlin the site of the mass killings from the first movie. They are eager to uncover just what happened as are many other reporters. In one scene a reporter asks a child if he knows anything about the killings. The response is a classic "I saw the corn." The reporter mutters to helpself "What's this shit about the corn?." The dad and father combo crack wise cracks toward each other throughout the long car ride into town and throughout their stay. They eventualy get into a big fight about responsibility and what not. The son leaves and discovers a beautiful girl who socializes with Micah and his group of corn worshippers. In the movie's finale, Micah is possessed by the power of He Who Walks Behind the Rows. His voice takes on a distinct power and resonance, and a final showdown commences.

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Part 3

A child, Eli who participated in the original murders in Gatlin during the first movie moves to Chicago along with his brother. Eli wears Ommish type clothing and speaks of the old ways a lot. His new adoptive parents just want to give he and his brother a good home. Eli has other ideas, he grows his own corn field. The corn is different than most in that it resists almost all insects. It also has other properties, when eaten it helps induce a trance like state in children who consume it. Eli at his new school is at first teased for his ways. His brother on the other hand socializes with much greater ease. Eli decides its time to recreate the magic he participated in when he was younger in Gatlin. Eli gathers the city's children, only a few at first. They wear a nekclace to signify their loyalty and they listen to Eli's masterful speeches about "He Who Walks Behind the Rows." With time everyone in school is participating in these sessions. Eli has complete control of the town's kids. Eli's adoptive mom tries to cut down Eli's cornfield as she doesen't like it. She dies for her efforts. Eli negotiates with his stepdad to allow for the distriubtion of his pest resistant corn throughout the world. Eli has but one weakness, and that is the special bible he carries. The bible and the physical body it sems are like two parts of the same worm when it comes to Eli. At the movie's end Eli's brother helps to stop Eli's quest for power by retrieving the bible and fighting a wicked scarecrow in the corn fields to do it..

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Part 4

This Children of the Corn movie doesen't follow the storylines of the previous ones in any way really. The story involves a wrongfully murdered preacher whose spirit returns to inhabit a small town's children. Then the children go on a killing spree of course. This movie is easily forgotten just like its plot.

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Part 5

A group of teen friends stuble across a town where there are no adults except for one who serves as a leader of sorts. They crash their car in the corn fields so there can be no easy escape. Instead the teens wander the town in search of help. The elder leader of the town, Luke is played by David Carradine (yes the martial artist). His followers include a chief disciple that truly runs the show. The boy is the red headed boy who played in the family drama Pickett Fences. But in this film, boy is he mean. The child leader serves as a go between that delivers messages from Luke to his child followers. Luke is really dead and serves as a means of control for the child leader. The children of the town live by the motto that no one should live beyond their 18th birthday. Once that point is reached a hot fiery death in a corn silo is the reward for a life of service to He Who Walks Behind the Rows. The strangers who are trying to get their car fixed find the whole town freaky, except for one of their more beutiful teen girls among them. At the movie's end she passes the age of youth into an age of adulthood and scourge. She finds the concepts of the group interesting and agrees to take a leap of faith into the silo of fire to die. Her friends just watch on in disbelief.

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Part 6

The original child leader during the first movie reprises his role as Isaac in this most recently instlalment. After the deaths at Gatlin, Isaac awakens from a 15 year old comma. A new girl Hanna arrives in town eager to find out about her mother. The town's folk don't seem to want her to find out anything. The movie takes place in a hospital for a good deal of time. Its the hardest to follow and least enjoyable of the Children of the Corn movies. Isaac just looks way to old to be convincing for one thing.

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