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Christmas Story

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Ralphie Parker

Ralphie is the narrarator of the movie. His perspective is the audience's perspective. Ralphie is a young boy that only wants a Red Rider BB gun for Christmas. He tells his mother and his teacher of his one true desire and they both tell him he will shoot an eye out. Ralphie responds by going straight to the big man himself, the local Mall Santa. He fares no better there. In the film Ralphie finds out the secret message of the ovaltine decoder ring and fights off the local school bully. Ralphie even gets caught uttering the F word, and no it wasn't fudge. Punishment was swift. In the end Ralphie gets his Red Ryder BB gun but he has to wear a pink bunny outfit first.

Randy Parker

Randy is Ralphie's younger brother. Ralphie is a pig at the dinner table. His mother makes games to get him to eat. Randy is bundled up so well for winter by his mother that he can barely move because of all the jackets and clothes his mother makes him wear. Randy fights Ralphie for access to the bathroom when Ralphie is busy uncoding a secret message from Little Orphan Annie. For Christmas Ralphie gets a toy Zepplin.

Mrs. Parker

This is the mother of both Ralphie and Randy. She babies both of them and forces Ralphie to wear a pink bunny suit another relative gave to him. She doesen't believe Ralphie is ready for a BB gun and tells him "You'll shoot your eye out." She bakes Christmas Turkey for her husband but it gets ruined by a pack of wild neighborhood dogs. When her husband gets a lamp she accidentally breaks it. Mrs Parker makes Ralphie bite on soap for punishment after saying the F word.

Mr. Parker

This is father of Ralphie and Randy. He loves turkey and swears with unknown words when he gets mad. When Ralphie gets in trouble for saying the F word, Ralphie lies and says a friend at school taught him the word when he really picked it up from his dad. When he wins a leg lamp in a contest he truly feels proud and displays the tacky thing in the window for the whole neighborhood to see. On Christmas Morning he ensures that Ralphie gets his BB gun. After a pack of dogs ruin Christmas dinner he takes the family out to a Chinese restaurant.

Scut Farcus, The School Bully

This is the neigborhood bully for Ralphie and everyone else. Along with his short assistant they bring terror into the lives of the younger neighborhood boys. Farcus thinks that Ralphie is a wimp and teases him and asks him if he is going to cry after sneaking up on him. Ralphie erupts with a fury of fistwork that takes the bully off his pedastol of power and onto the ground begging for mercy. The actor that played this bully later went on to star in the Titus TV series.

Mall Santa Claus

This is the Santa Claus that works at the local mall. Ralphie goes to him as a way to avoid middle men and inform directly the man who can get him his BB gun for Christmas. The Santa works with a mean assistant elf that is rushing the kids to Santa and then off his lap and down a mean slide. Ralphie believes he will keep his cool unlike the others kids that went before him. But when face to face with Santa Ralphie is speechless. After being pushed down the slide Ralphie climbs back up and yells that he wants a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. The Santa responds by telling Ralphie "You'll Shoot your eye out," and then gently pushing Ralphie down with his boot.

Miss Shields - this character played by Tedde Moore is Ralphie teacher in school. After a creative writting assignment is issued to students to write about what they want for Christmas, she gives Ralphie a C+ and writes "You'll shoot your eye out" on his paper. Ralphie tries his best to butter up his teacher with a gift basket but it didn't affect his grade at all.

Schwartz - This is the friend that Ralphie blames for teaching him about the F word after he is caught by his father using it. Schwartz is punished very badly but Ralphie couldn't tell his mother that his father was the man he learned about the word from.

Flick - This is one of Ralphie's friends from school. After a dare Flick, and a double dog dare, and a triple dog dare, Flick sticks his tongue to a cold flagpole at school to try to prove that a human tongue will not get stuck to a freezing cold pole. Flick is wrong and the firedepartment has to help free him.

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