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C.H.U.D. 2

Two idiot teens lose a body they need for a school disection project so they scheme to steal another. They happen to steal a CHUD or a canibolistic human underground dweller. The corpse was in a rather secure lab but that didn't seem suspicious to these teens at all. They bring the corpse home and set him in the tub. A hairdryer falls in and this C.H.U.D. named Bud thaws out and is out on the street. Anything that Bud eats becomes a CHUD just like he is. Bud converts pretty much the whole town and leads them around the city in search of new prey. All of the CHUD's finally arrive at a high school dance in an attempt to wreck still more terror. There they dance much in Michael Jackson thriller style. While the CHUDS move through the city a half crazed army colonel pursues them with the most exotic weapons he can. The movie is a zombie film where people are eaten, but its one meant as a comedic spoof largely as well. Throughout the movie the words "Bud the CHUD" can be heard as part of the theme song whenever something really unbelieveable happens. The previous CHUD movie was supposedly more serious and less humorous although I haven't ever seen it.

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