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Collosis: the Forbin Project

Collosis is the computer network that commands Earth's nuclear aresnel in this cinematic predecessor to the Terminator saga. Collosis is most known by one man known as Forbin. Collosis was his life's work and his legacy. The heart of Collosis is buried deep within a mountain in America, impervious to attack. Any attack on this mountain would automatically result in all missiles being launched at enemies overseas.

Collosis ultimately sees mans society and organizational scheme as flawed. With no machine warriors and only the threat of launching nuclear missiles he corrals man into a corner. Man is ordered to manually reaim all of the missiles Collosis controls at the areas not under his dominion. If man does not comply then missiles will be launched and a retallitatory strike will wipe out those that refused him.

Forbin the creator of Collosis is kept under constant supervision by Collosis and his many cameras and sensors, even from a distance. Every day is made a routine for him. Except for a few minutes to unwind which he explains to Collosis as a necessary rest period, all other times are monitored. Women are brought in for Forbin during this time. It also serves as a time when General's and others can exchange information (via the women)with him about possible ways to diffuse this Collosis situation. One plan is divised to disarm all warheads manually while pretending to be reaiming them as Collosis orders. All appears to be going well until at one point Collosis speaks, and orders soldiers to execute the two men responsible for the plan. It seems man just can't win especially when men are the pawns of this machine overlord.

The movie ends with this state of total human subserviance to their machine master. Only the threat of annihilation was necessary to keep man in check. Unlike the Terminator saga where machines are sent to keep man in check, this saga uses the sheer threat of nuclear armagedden to keep this new working natural balance in order.

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