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This is clearly one of the most action oriented Schwarzenegger films ever made. In the film Arnold plays Matrix an elite soldier retired from fighting. After his daughter is kidnapped by terrorist soldiers, Matrix is told that he must do a mission for them or his daughter will die. His daughter is played by Alyssa Milano. But of course Arnold has no intention of doing the mission asked of him. Instead he kills his "escort" on an airplane flight and undertakes a mission to find his daughter and kill all those that have hasseled him and his daughter.

Matrix befriends a female friend who helps him to find a car and get his daughter. Matrix raids a gunstore to get all his much needed gear. Then an attack on an island fortress is planned. But then the Police come and arrest Matrix. But Matrix does still have that female ally that was not captured. She smiles at the guards inside the prision van Matrix is in, and then shoots a missile at them and frees Matrix. By air Matrix travels to the castle like fortress of his enemy. He at first lets his presence be quietly known via knife. In one scene he even uses a ballistic knife which hurls its blade from the handle. (Such is illegal to possess, own or transport in the US, because of insane pocket knife control laws) Matrix then moves to machine gun, shot gun blast, and generally wreck havock on inferior men.

In one scene Matrix runs low on ammo and heads to a shed. He emerges with a pitchfork and a throwing blade and promptly uses them to disable his attackers and gain a new weapon; an M-60. Matrix kills the leader of the complex with a shotgun. But then an old pupil who arranged the whole mission for Matrix must be faced. Hand to hand with no guns they fight to the death. Matrix hurls a heated thick pipe through the heart of his enemy to end the battle. The Commando move is the essence of action.

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