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Communion focuses on the supposed phenomenon of Alien kidnapping of human beings. In this film for one man and his wife, and child they have always known "them." The chief character in the film is played by Christopher Walken. He finally decides to go through hypnosis to try and determine just what causes the many nightmares and fears he has. The movie uses a most unique series of sequences to tell the story. The story focuses on things mainly from his perspective. But his wife is also a major element in the story.

For the wife it appears they can come through the walls and get her and they come get her wherever she may go. The encounters she doesen't recall at first , but with time she recalls them even more vividly. In the movie's more horrific scene a dark almond eye shaped alien looks right at Christopher Walkin's character and then he reaches for its face. He removes what was a mask, as underneath now present to the world is a very insect like face and jaw. The movie toys with manipulation techniques, and creates scenes meant to shock as well as puzzle.

In the film's conclusion one of the aliens tells the wife that "Its time to understand." She is then taken to meet a large humanoid like alien, and a small girl which apparently is a human/alien hybrid. This is her daughter. She then sees all of the aliens as her friends, as her family. The nightmares do not stalk her in the night anymore as it all makes sense now. Communion is in many ways a sadisticly horrifying retelling of Alice in Wonderland albeit with an alien twist. Alien's mesh the dream world with the world of reality into a single state of confusion. Acting like magicians; like masters of many proverbial masks, they command, control and manipulate in this film.

Only in the end does it begin to make sense. The movie presents the possiblity that evolving a specicies is the purpose behind all the intrique and manipulation. But with such a logical reason for alien pursuits why would a path of deceit and pschological torture be used to begin with? The movie really makes one think about the highest tests that the human mind can take before passing the threshold from sanity to insanity.

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