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The Craft

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A new girl, Sarah moves into a rich neighborhood. Her life is one of guilt, she feels responsible for her own mother's death since her birth killed her. Wasted in sorrow Sarah attempts suicide and lives a failed life alone in this new environment. As she goes to school she meets a group of female outcasts who engage in a religion based on Mano, a witch like Wicca religion. In school Sarah discovers she has powers as she balances a pencil on its end with nothing but her will.

The Mano witch girls also known as the Bitches of Eastwitch take particular interest in Sarah. Their group consists of the racial outcast, the only black in school Rochelle, the girl of scars and burns Bonnie (Neve Cambell) and their leader Nancy. They are but three but in need of a fourth member to represent the four corners so that their power can be absolute.

Sarah slowly becomes one of the Mano girls. In a shop of Witchcraft books, the Mano girls all steal except for Sarah. But innocenec was to fade for Sarah as she and her friends use their powers to hurt rivals, give beauty, and gain love. Sarah ultimately breaks from the group after seeing the unnatrual curse of attraction that magic has bestowed upon someone Sarah once wanted.

Nancy doesen't like this in the least and plans to take care of Sarah once and for all with the help of her witch sisters. A showdown occurs, with the powers of Mano corrupted and a just but weak Sarah having to stand on her own against them. With the power to manifest Sarah's fear of snakes and much more Nancy and her friends torment Sarah until Sarah finds the power within to harness Mano's powers for good. She strikes down Nancy and rids her of all powers forever. The other two followers of Nancy fall in line and Sarah reins supreme as the ultimate witch of Mano.

The movie is in many ways a chick version of the vampire flick the Lost Boys. In the Lost boys outcast male vampires form a cool club, in The Craft outcast witches form a cool club. A newcomer fights for goodness in the end of each of these movies. The Craft features the most beautiful witches in history as well as a series of teen struggles that magic is used to deal with creatively.

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