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The Craft

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Nancy Downs played by Fairuza Balk

While Sarah is meant to be the main character of the film, Nancy in reality steals the show. With her dark nature and ability to use the name of her religion Mano alone to control her friends she shows just how powerful she is without using powers at all. Nancy recruits Sarah into her group so that she can have a fourth member necessary to channel the powers of Mano. While Nancy uses her powers for self serving ends and encourages her friends to do the same she is just charming to watch in action. She takes a girl whom she shows the ways of withchdom to, Sarah and decides to turn against her just for sport. Nancy loses her powers forever when Sarah channels the powers of Mano into her living form and fights back. At the movie's end Nancy screams alone in her insane asylum cell which is her future home after she loses all her powers.

Sarah Bailey played by Robin Tunney

Sarah is the new girl in town and the new girl at school. At first she has trouble making any friends but Nancy sees magic potential in Sarah so she tries to befriend her. Sarah becomes a member of Nancy's circle and becomes their fourth member in the circle of Mano. Sarah has a concience and feels guilt when a spell she casts on a boy she desires causes his death. Nancy thinks nothing of it, but it bothers Sarah. In the end Nancy and her friends, Bonnie, and Rochelle have a showdown with Sarah. They match powers but Sarah channels the powers of Mano in her living form and is able to overcome her three former friends who become her enemy.

Bonnie played by Neve Campbell

Bonnie is a girl that suffers from deep burns on her back. She has been going into hospitals all her life to try to alleviate her pain and improve her skin disfigurement. Through the powers of Mano and with Nancy's help her skin heals itself. While innocent looking and a literal pawn of Nancy, Bonnie has a quite seductive look that reminds one of the character she played in the Wild Things movie.

Rochelle played by Rachel True

Rochelle is one of the few black students at her school. She is constantly teased and tormented by Laura and her band of stuck up friends. Rochelle eventually has her revenge when a spell is used to make Laura's hair fall out.

Lirio played by Assumpta Serna

Lirio is the owner of a small shop that specializes in Wicca magic books and related items such as candles. Nancy and her cohorts steal from the shop regularly but Sarah decides to buy something legitamately. For Sarah, Lirio becomes a source of advise on magic issues and the troubles that Nancy can cause.

Laura Lizzie played by Christine Taylor

Laura is the film's stuck up pretty girl. She teases Rochelle because she is black. The girls of Mano decide to teach her a lesson and cast a spell on her that causes her to lose her hair.

Chris Hooker played by Skeet Ulrich

Chris is the guy that Sara really wants to like her. After trying things the old fashioned way doesen't work, she decides to cast a spell on him. After the spell is cast Chris follows Sara around like a dog eager to do anything and everything to help her. Chris dies in an accident and Sara feels responsible because of her spell.

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