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Cruel Intentions 2

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Kathryn Merteuil played by Amy Adams (III)

Katherine is a rich girl that enjoys sex, manipulating people, and wielding power. When her mom marries Edward Valmont his son Sebastian starts to live with her. Kathryn sets up an elaborate scheme to have Danielle Sherman pretend to be innocent to seduce Sebastian and show him that just how pathetic he is. Kathryn enjoys bossing around her houseguests and corrupting the innocent mind of Cherie Crayman whom she teaches the "joys" or horse riding to.

Danielle Sherman played by Sarah Thompson

Danielle plays an innocent girl in the film who Sebastian constantly tries to seduce. She is playing him the whole time though. At the films end Kathryn shows up with Danielle at the moment Sebastian thinks he is going to get lucky with Danielle. This was supposed to devestate him as Sebastian had found true love. In reality he is offered two girls at once; Danielle and Kathryn. Thats some punishment and lesson learned.

Cherie Crayman played by Keri Lynn Pratt

Cherie is the film's ditsy girl. She is one of Kathryn's special projects. In one memorable scene she is taught to ride a horse and "really grind" the saddle doing what is called posting. Kathryn got a kick out of the experience and Cherie came away with the wisdom that "posting is fun." At the film's end Sebastian and Kathryn team up to see how "sexy" Cherie can be and Sebastian takes loads of pictures.

Sebastian Valmont played by Robin Dunne

Sebastian is new to the world of the Merteuil's who are rich and powerful. When his father married Tiffany Merteuil he was allowed to enter their circle of power. Sebastian enjoys trying to seduce Danielle whom he is lead to believe is very innocent. Sebastian in this film is himself quite innocent until the film's end when he is faced with the challenge of being with his step sister Kathryn and Danielle his dream girl at the same time.

Mai-Lee played by Shűko Akune

This is another of the Merteuil's servants. During a card game organized by Sebastian she speaks out most vocally about how stuck up Katheryn is.

Tiffany Merteuil-Valmont played by Mimi Rogers

This is Kathyrn's mom. She enjoys massages, running fund raisers for her school, and her new husband Edward. She is very similar to Kathryn in her perspectives on power and influence.

Blaine Tuttle played by Caley Wilson

This is one of Katherine's information people. In exchange for cash he gets Katherine a copy of Sebastian's real school transcript which differs remarkably from the one he bribed a UPS employee to deliver in its place.

The Lesbian Sisters

These two are the twins whose mission is to sexually frustrate Sebastian. They just arrive on the scene while he is in the shower and start kissing and fooling around. When Sebastian is aroused they leave.

Edward Valmont Sebastian's Dad played by David McIlwraith

This is Sebastian's dad. He often gets into trouble by screwing around with lots of ladies. Sebastian worries that his dad will ruin the good thing he has going with the wealthy Tiffany Merteuil whom he is now married to. When Sebastian catches his dad in a cops and robbers game with a young lady named Lily he leaves his father handcuffed while he heads off to tell Lilly about how she deserves better.

Lily, Sebastian's Dad's Girlfriend played by Teresa Hill

Lily handcuffs Sebastian's dad to a bed but leaves with tears when she discovers he is married. Sebastian tries to comfort her and she tries to come on to him. Lily is a bit to wacko for Sebatian's tastes however.

Katherine's Driver

This is the guy that drives Katherine's limo at the end of the movie. He beeps his horn real loud startling Cherie who is mindlessly riding her bike. He gets out asking if she is ok and frisks her all over. He then offers her a ride and when she gets in he promptly takes her bike and throws it to the side of the road while some really corny music plays.

Katherine's Butler

Another of Katherine's servants this guy is a bit more polished than the rest. When Sebastian gives part of his weekly allowance to the Butler this guy is very appreciative.

Bunny Crayman, Cherie's Mom played by Tane McClure

This is the mom of ditsy Cherie. She meets with Tiffany Merteuil who suggests that a contribution to the school would be looked upon favorably.

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