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Cruel Intentions

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Kathryn Merteuil played by Sarah Michelle Gellar

Kathryn is one of the premiere experts of manipulation. She enjoys destroying others. Her typical day consists of seduction, betrayal, and sex. Kathryn teaches the innocent Cecile how to french kiss a girl and about the joys of sex. When Annette the author of a magazine article about the virtues of virginity arrives she makes a wager with her step brother to determine Annette's fate. Kathryn bets "rear entry" intercourse against her step brother's car to motivate her step brother to seduce Annette. After Sebastian dies when a car strikes him she addresses her school about her brother's life. She is caught with drugs in her necklace cross and Annette circulates Sebastian's diary of Kathryn's misdeeds to the entire school.

Sebastian Valmont played by Ryan Phillippe

Sebastian is the king of cool in this movie. He seduces women at will and no woman is too challenging for him. He brings the innocent Cecile over to the dark side just for fun. Sebastian even enters into a bet with his stepsister Kathryn to see if he can seduce the innocent miss virgin Annette Hargrove. He tries a variety of techniques and does make progress. The only problem is that once he is at the verge of success he starts to fall for her. Sebastian dies at the end of the movie when a car hits him after being distracted by Ronald whom he is fighting with.

Annette Hargrove played by Reese Witherspoon

Annette is a youthful idealist that believes one really should wait until you are married and in love before experiencing sex. She wrote an article in a teen magazine about her thoughts on this matter. Sebastian thinks her thinking is so ludicrous. Sebastian enters into a bet with his step sister to see if he can seduce Anette and wipe away her innocence.

Cecile Caldwell played by Selma Blair

Cecile is one of the most innocent and stupid girls in the world. She is seduced by Sebastian who teaches her to be sexy for photographs. Sebatian teaches her about the joys of a man going down on her. Kathryn further tries to corrupt Cecile by instructing her to "sleep with as many people as possible." Cecile thinks she is in training for her moment of truth with Ronald the guy she truly cares for. But she truly is just a pawn of Sebastian and Kathryn.

Ronald Clifford played by Sean Patrick Thomas

Ronald is Cecile's music teacher. When Cecile's mother forbids Ronald to see Cecile because of some love notes Ronald is very mad. He gets together with Cecile after some help from Kathryn. At the movie's end Kathryn convinces Ronald that Sebastian had abused her. Ronald then goes out to beat up Sebastian, during the struggle a car kills Sebastian.

Blaine Tuttle played by Joshua Jackson

Blaine is a friend of Sebastian's. He helps Sebastian take some compromising pictures of Greg McConnell. Blaine didn't mind because as he puts it Greg "Has a mouth like a hoover."

Greg McConnell played by Eric Mabius

Greg is the jock of the film. Sebastian blackmails him when he arranges for his friend Blaine to be in bed with him so that some compromising pictures can be taken. In exchange for Sebastian not mentioning the matter again Greg agrees to tell Annette about how wonderful a guy Sebastian is.

Bunny Caldwell played by Christine Baranski

Bunny is Cecile's mother. She thinks that if her daughter gets in good with Kathryn Merteuil that her status in the social structure will improve. She becomes furious when she discovers that her daughter has been receiving love notes from her music teacher Ronald.

Aunt Helen Rosemond played by Louise Fletcher

This is Sebastian's aunt. She gets in the way of Sebastian's routine and he is forced to pretend he is so fond of her.

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