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Demolition Man

This film is set in the year 2032 a time when people are controlled and freedom is a thing only known through nostaligia. Society is so passive that when a super criminal is freed from a frozen suspended animation state that the cops of the day are unable to cope. To counter this criminal, Simon Phoenix played by Wesley Snipes it is decided to bring back a cop from his era who also was frozen. The resurrected cop John Spartan is played by Sylvester Stallone.

John Spartan tracks his criminal adversary and learns about how society is run from his female partner played by Sandra Bullock. The Franchise wars bankrupted every fast food restaurant except Taco Bell. Hence everyone eats at Taco Bell. There are listening devices everywhere that give people fines on the spot for swearing.

In spite of the totalitarian rule there are those that wish to see a return of freedom and choice. These dissident rebels live underground almost like hobos. But they can swear and do all the things that those on the surface can not. In fact the super villian played by Weslely Snipes is brought back to kill this dissident group's leader.

Demolition Man is more a movie of puns than action. Its a commentary on the violent cultures that are dominant in the world. But even still the fines for swearing, and socialist psychologists who pose as cops in this world more than create enough violence towards the human spirit to make up for any reduction in general crime.

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