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Demon Wind

First off Demon Wind is a very obscure film that few have seen and by all standards its a low B movie. The one really nifty thing this film features is zombies getting killed not with guns or knives but with roundhouse style karate kicks to the head which decapitate them.

The movie begins with a group of teens eager to visit a house in the middle of nowhere for whatever reason. They stop their car ask for directions and they are greeted with gloom and doom instead of a cheerful answer with directions. As the group travels further, they eventually reach a point where their car stops and will not start again. Right after this happens another group of teen friends pulls up in their car who just happened to be traveling through as well. They shut their car off and are soon stranded as well.

A strange mist fills the area from time to time. Its freaky and no one really knows what to make of it. After one particularly long session of this "demon wind" the group is transported to another location entirely. Within a house rare knives and other info about one of the chacters relatives are found. Its supposed to be crucial to the story but the storyline is not all that importnat in this film.

Points of action emerge and zombies attack the group who try to wait things out in the house they now find themselves within. A few venture outside to see how things are. Of course they are picked off quickly. But two cooler guys seem able to kill anything and everything in their path. They shoot and explode zombies right and left. When guns run out of ammo, they just kick heads off with their bare feet. Unfortunately ultimately they are surprised from behind and themselves become zombies. They return as the "crude dudes" and attack those who remain.

Demon Wind features a holographic box cover perhaps indicative of the story which perhaps is a hologram as well. But nontheless this is the zombie film where heads are kicked clean from the body. That alone makes this film stand out.

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