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Die Hard

Die Hard

Bruce Willis plays John McClain a Los Angeles police man who can never seem to have a good day. He encounters a plot to hijack the Nakatomi tower in Los Angeles. A bomb has been planted and everyone inside is being held hostage. But with John inside the terrorists will have a bit more to deal with than they bargained with. The movie is famous for its cliches and one liners. No matter how shot up Bruce Willis may get he always has a one liner ready for his enemies.

Die Harder

Terrorists hijack the Dulles International Airport in Washington DC and threaten to start crashing planes if a drug lord is not released. One plane circling above the airport has John Mclain's(Bruce Willis)wife. Its up to John to save the day just like in the first movie.

Die Hard with a Vengeance

A terrorist sets bombs throughout the city in the hopes that it will delay police and John Mclain (Bruce Willis) from finding out what is really being sought; the gold of a major bank. Riddles and hints are left for John at each step of the way to keep him busy and make him believe he is disrupting the true plans of the terrorist.

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