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Diggstown a small town whose population mainly lives the "simple life" is the setting of this film. In the film one man owns almost everything in the town, and he loves to bet especially when he knows he will win. A bet is made between an old ex boxer and the richest man in the town. If the ex boxer can defeat 10 of Diggstown's best fighters one right after the other then he will win an enormous sum. The first few fighters are not all that tough for the ex champion. But some of them fight dirty; one of them belts him in the groin right before losing even. Then there is another challenger, a giant of a man who seems unwilling to go down. He gets knocked down and immediately gets back up. Finally he is knocked out. It seemed that the towns unscrupulous rich man had kidnapped his brother and threatned to kill him if he did not win his match. The film's last match proved quite a surprise for the now nearly exhausted ex champ. The challenger is from a nearby prison fighter who in the past was a citizen of Diggstown. This seemed hardly fair but within the bounds of their agreement. As the match proceeds the ex champ's trainer realizes that he in fact once trained this man. He immediately calls out his name and gives him a thumbs down gesture. This meant to take a dive, and so he did. The film glorifies the old style of boxing which largely was till someone went down no matter what. Endurance, dedication, and and unbending will are all trademarks of this film and its "hero."

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