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Dune, the desert planet, Arrakis serves as the focus of this film. Three houses battle for dominance of the universe. The Emperor of the known universe commands one house. The Baron of the Harkonnens based on Giedi Prime commands another of the houses. The third house, is the house Atreides ruled by Duke Attredies. These three houses are dependent on a sole source of energy known as spice. Spice is available on only one planet, Arrakis also known as Dune. That is where the story of Dune begins.

The Harkonnens ally with the Emperor and destroy house Attredies. The son of Duke Atreides lives and ultimately discovers the powers of spice. He is stranded on Dune after his fathers palace is destroyed and he escapes the hands of the Harkonnens. He is soon found by the Fremen, a native race that lives on Dune and whose true strength and intent is not known. He trains them in a new technology of attack, using "weirding modules" harnassing the power of sound. As his teachinings commence, great warriors emerge from the Fremen ranks. They attack Harkonnen spice gathering equipment around the planet and bring spice production to a halt.

All eyes now center on Arrakis, even the emperor himself finds his attention on this lone desolate, desert planet. A great battle emerges with all of the emperors troops battling Fremen warriors to the death. The film uses giant worms, the source of spice as a means of attack. Sonic attacks fill the air as oral gesutres are turned into means to crush bones from afar via weirding modules.

Dune represents a cinematic realization of just a small part of the many Dune related novels, The movie was released in a standard and in an expanded directors cut. The directors cut features additional footage explaining the three houses and is far better than the standard version. This movie while long is excellent and features an incredible soundtrack that truly guides the action as battles for control of the universe take root in the film of Dune.


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