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The Day the Earth Stood Still

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Klaatu played by Michael Rennie

Klaatu is an alien messenger sent from afar to deliever a message of warning to the people of Earth. Upon his arriaval on Earth he is shot at by a nervous soldier and hospitalized. After escaping Klaatu explores Washington, DC with a local woman, Helen Benson and her son. At the movie's end Klaatu delievers a show of power which turns off power throughtout the world and promises the future of Earth is destruction if people do not end their warlike ways.

Gort played by Lock Martin

Gort is an all powerful sentient being that travels with Klaatu. Gort while a machine; serves as judge, jury, and executioner for the alien people that created him. He is the concience that polices lives, delivering instant justice on the spot if anyone does a wrong action or deed. Gort has the power to evaporate weapons with his laser beam eyes and is encased in a prison of sort by the US military while his pilot Klaatu is on Earth.

Soldier that Shoots Klaatu

This is a picture of the hothead that shoots at Klaatu on his first day on Earth. He merely wounds the alien but the alien's larger friend Klaatu removes all offensive weapons in the area in no time flat to show just who is the great force in the universe.

Bobby Benson played by Billy Gray

Bobby is an ordinary Earth boy who lives with his mother Helen. In the film Bobby becomes a tour guide for Klaatu whom he escorts around Washington, DC without knowing of Klaatu's alien origins. Bobby shows Klaatu the Lincoln Memorial and is quick to report that Professor Barnhardt is the smartest scientist of his world.

Helen Benson played by Patricia Neal

Helen gets drawn into Klaatu's struggle when she agrees to allow Klaatu to stay with her as a guest. Klaatu personally lets Helen in on his plans to get the attention of Earth leaders. While in an elevator he turns off power everywhere throughout the world for a brief period of time. After being asked by Klaatu Helen travels to his spaceship and chants the classic phrase "Klaatu Barada Nikto" to deactive the robot Gort who would have destroyed the Earth otherwise. This is Helen's big contribution to the film; she saves mankind from Gort.

Professor Jacob Barnhardt played by Sam Jaffe

Professor Barnhardt is an Earth scientist with heavy knowledge in the theoretical and mathematical sciences. Klaatu makes his presence known to Barnhardt by correcting one of his mathematical equations which showcases Klaatu's incredible knowledge. Klaatu tries to get Barnhardt to organize scientific leaders to lobby their leaders to give Klaatu a large audience for a most important message he has for Earth. When Barnhardt is not able to get leaders to listen, Klaatu shuts off all electrical power on the planet to get the attention of world leaders.

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