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Enemy Mine

Two alien races battle throughout the universe; one is human, the other is somewhat different. After fighting for generations each side comes to believe the very worst in the other; such is the nature of war and its justifications. After a fierce battle two rival pilots crashland on a strange desolate planet.

In the beginning these two soldiers still see themselves as adversaries even on this world where it is only the two of them. But as time proceeds they come to see themselves as friends; each learning the others customs, and language. The alien race it is learned reproduces through asexual means and is in fact about to give birth. The birth kills the being, and the sole other being on the planet a human raises the being as if he were his own.

Things go well until the child wanders off and encounters newly arrived human miners who have enslaved the alien race that the child is descended from. They promptly take the alien as a slave; albeit a weak one. The human "father" pursues and ultimately finds his godson and frees him..

The movie illustrates how "lifeforms" no matter how different can always find common values that all sentient beings hold dear. Away from politics, away from war; even soldiers on opposing sides, from differing races can learn the powers of friendship.

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