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Event Horizon

A distress call is sent out into space from the Event Horizon, a spaceship that has been missing for more than 7 years. A crew is assembled to man a retrievel vessel in the hopes of uncovering just what happened to the Event Horizon for the 7 years it was missing. The crew is lead by Lawrence Fishburne (Morpheus from the Matrix).

When their ship docks with the Event Horizon it becomes revealed that the Event Horizon was a ship designed for faster than light space travel. The ship's engine was based on harnessing the power of black holes. The ship's flight recorder had a unique distress message that appeared as nothing but shrieks and screams. Just what was this supposed to mean happend to the former crew of this vessel?

As the rescue team ventures deeper into the exotic ship and encouters the engine room, strange things begin to happen. Crewmen start to turn on one another. Almost as if being posessed the ship gains control of the crew and uses them for evil purposes. The Event Horizon had traveled throughout the cosmos and brought back something that no one ever imagined truly existed. Rather its the incarnation of hell, or truths of the universe the ship wrecks hell on all that it touches.

The movie beigns with a heavy Science Fiction focus but as it proceeds the killings, death, and gore cause the movie to cross into the horror genre on many levels. While the movie is not the best film ever made, or the one with the most clearly crafted plot it does cause one to think. Some movie's have stories that can't be followed so well but still cause you to leave the film thinking and reasoning through the plot's chronology and just what it all meant. Those type of films while often composed of much disorganization still are fun to watch when you just wish to watch something for the brain to process. This is one of these type of films.

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Event Horizon

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