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Fast Times at Ridgemont High

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Stacy Hamilton played by Jennifer Jason Leigh

Stacy is the object of desire in the film. Mark Ratner takes some advice from his friend Mike about how to pick up women and soon finds himself out on a date with the lovely Stacy. Forgetting his wallet, Mike has to bring money to save Mark's date. Mike decides to go after the girl of his best friend and ends up knocking up Stacy and having to help her pay for an abortion. Stacy just kind of plays the "I'm Stupid" role and exists as a rather chunky Princess of Paradise. Stacy's best friend is Linda who used to be the girlfriend of Stacy's brother Brad which makes for a variety of unique interconnected characters.

Linda Barrett played by Phoebe Cates

Linda is the film's pretty girl who dumps Brad Hamilton so that she can have the opportunity to go out with new people. Her best friend is Stacy. In the film Brad has a dream sequence in which Linda is nude. This was one of the few films in which Phoebe Cates has appeared nude.

Brad Hamilton played by Judge Reinhold

At the beginning of the film Brad is the guy that has everything going for him. He has a good looking girlfriend Linda, a steady job in fast food, and he's popular. During the film he loses his job over a rude customer and his girlfriend dumps him. Brad is goal oriented and at the end of the film he thwarts a potential robbery at his convenience store by spilling hot coffee on the would be thief.

Mark 'Rat' Ratner played by Brian Backer

This guy is the geek that can't get a girl. He takes some advice from his friend Mike Damone and introduces himself to Stacy Hamilton. He goes out on a date with her but forgets his wallet. His friend Mike brings his wallet but later steals his girl for himself.

Mike Damone played by Robert Romanus

Mike is the sterotypical lady's man, with a proven plan and system for winning them over. He tries to depart some of his knowledge on his friend Mark Ratner who is struggling in the female department. Mike gives his friends all the rules he needs to succed with his dream girl Stacy but he ends up stealing her for himself and knocking her up. Mike also makes money scalping tickets.

Jeff Spicoli played by Sean Penn

Mr. Spicoli lives for the waves. He is a surfer dude at heart. He enjoys hanging with his groupie like buddies and dislikes Mr. Hand and his class. Jeff orders pizza during one of Mr. Hand's classes and is often late. Mr. Hand has the last laugh when he declares that Mr. Spicoli will not graduate if he doesen't pass his class.

Mr. Hand played by Ray Walston

Mr. Hand is a High School history teacher. He takes Jeff Spicoli's constant tardiness and lack of respect personally. He sets out to make an example of him in class by giving away a pizza that Jeff ordered. At the films end Mr. Hand enjoys being able to inform Jeff that he will not graduate if he does not do well on his exam. Mr. Hand is played by the same actor that is famous for portraying the alien in My Favorite Martian.

Charles Jefferson played by Forest Whitaker

Charles is the oldest looking High School student in the film. He is so old looking that people refer to him by his last name Jefferson. He greatest joys in life are his sportscar and taking care of his little brother. Charles even tries to buy scalped sports tickets from slick Mike Damone for his little brother. Jeff Spicoli crashes Charles car which greatly upsets him in the film.

Robber played by James Russo

This is the guy at the very end of the movie that Brad stops from robbing his convenience store by throwing hot coffee on him. This leads to Brad becoming employee of the month.

Dennis Taylor played by Tom Nolan

This is Brad's boss at a fast food job. After Brad becomes upset with a customer who demands his money back, Dennis has to fire him for using profanity.

Mr Vargas played by Vincent Schiavelli

This is the crazed biology teacher in the film.

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