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First Knight

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First Knight is a modern incarnation of the classic story of King Arthur and the knights of the round table. Sean Connery plays the wise and noble King Arther (albeit a somewhat older King Arthur.) The classic characters are represented included Gueinvere, Lancelot, and King Arthur.

The movie beings with King Arthur holding a military training contest. Contestants are fitted in protective armor and then sent through a maze of various things to knock them down, trip them, and just plain knock them out. One man steps forward to try this challenge without any protective gear at all. He traverses the obstacle course with ease; not even breaking a sweat. King Arthur asks this man why he had no fear and states "a man that fears nothing, loves nothing." Arthur of Camelot then takes this man into his army, and knights him as Sir Lancelot. Lancelot joins the circle of comrades that make up the legendary Knights of the Round table.

The movie proceeds with Camelot and King Arthur aiding a weaker nation. Such an alliance drew them into war. Guenivire the lovely queen of King Arthur engages in an affair with Lancelot. Guenivere is later captured by an evil knight. A mission to rescue her commences. Sword and shield battle sequences then commence and one really becomes engorged in the knight concept and mytho.

Camelot is basically a realization of various story myths of the path. First Knight takes this element and myth and transforms it into a realized dreamlike world with the perfect king, the perfect nation, and all the various enemies and troubles that it will inspire. This telling of the King Arthur tale is less mystical than Excalibur;instead the film takes a more realistic take on the story. One that likes First Knight will like Excalibur and one that likes Excalibur will like First Knight

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