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First Knight

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King Arthur played by Sean Connery

In this adaptation of the Camelot myth, King Arthur is an elder statestman visionary. He imagines a kingdom of truth and justice. He congregates with his countrymen and creates a democractic like council known as the Knights of the Round Table. The fact that this council was composed of warriors and soldiers does not detract from the fact that King Arthur allowed a body to share in decision making rather than being the sole arbitor of Camelot's future all by himself. King Arthur by creating the Knights of the Round Table in short becomes an Anti king as kings are meant to be hereditarily selected dictators who share power with no one.

Guinevere played by Julia Ormond

Guinevere is the film's pretty faced queen. She is nearly ornamental to the film's plot. When her kingdom is threatened King Arthur commits his country to war to protect it. When Guinevere lusts for Lancelot, it is King Arthur's kingdom that suffers. Gunievere was old King Arthur's weakness in addition to Lancelots.

Lancelot played by Richard Gere

Lancelot is the film's man that fears nothing except maybe what his weakness for Guinevere may lead him to do. He is King Arthur's champion knight who is welcomed into the Knights of the Round Table based on his self proven skills and determination. Lancelot experiences an attraction to his queen that nearly destroys the kingdom of Camelot. At a final battle Lancelot kills multiple enemy soldiers with grace and ease. In essence Lancelot is a daring self sacficing "honorable killer" with a weakness for beauty

Prince Malagant played by Ben Cross

The prince is the film's villain, his main purpose in life is to see King Arthur's kingdom of Camelot destroyed and Arthur reduced to nothingness. When he attacks a small neighboring country of Camelot he brings King Arthur and his men into a war. He kidnaps Lady Guinevere whom Lancelot ultimately rescues.

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