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John Henry Brennick played by Christopher Lambert

John Brennick is arrested for unauthorized breeding along with his wife Karen. John has to endure "The Fortress" a state of the art prison where people are monitored for unauthorized thoughts, immoral experiments are underway, and implanted explosives are used to keep the inmates in check. John plans to escape and along with a small group of inmates agrees to a procedure by the inmate D-Day to remove an explosive placed in his body. After the explosive is removed John uses information he has gathered to plan an escape from the Fortress with his wife.

Karen B. Brennick played by Loryn Locklin

Karen is the wife of John Brennick and is sent to prison for unauthorized reproduction. She is watched and enjoyed by the prison's director Poe, who schemes for a way to win her affections. Karen escapes with her husband from the Fortress in an armored vehicle. They plan to start a new life.

Prison Director Poe played by Kurtwood Smith

Director Poe is the director of the Fortress. He directs a variety of unusual experiments on prison inmates and enjoys peeking in on the female prisoners under his watch. Director Poe maintains order via explosives planted in the inmates bodies that are set to explode when the prisoners are outside of designated areas or by his command.

D-Day played by Jeffrey Combs

D-Day is the technogeek inmate at the Fortress that comes up with a method to remove the explosives implanted in prisoners. He uses his glasses to read part of a digital data file and is guided nearly blind around the Fortress when the prisoner's go through with their escape plan.

The Dude with Inside Information about the Prison

This guy is a source of information for John Brennick and his inmates. He works in close proximity with the Fortress Director Poe and this over the years has enabled him to gain a lot of very valuable information about the internal operations of the Fortress.

The First Guy to Have his Stomach Bomb Removed

This big guy is the very first inmate to agree to have his implanted explosive removed. He curses in a most humorous manner as his explosive is basically torn from his stomach. In a way this memorable removal scene is similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger's Total Recall nasal implant removal.

Fortress Cybernetic Guards

This is a cybernetic guard from the movie. Almost as much machine as man, they serve as obedient slaves to Director Poe of the Fortress. This one in particular might remind one of Darth Vader without his mask.

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