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From Dusk Till Dawn

A pair of bank robbers kidnap a family on vacation in their camper and attempt to use them in a bid to escape to Mexico. Along the way they encounter a bar, The Kitty Twister, which is run by vampires which causes the kidnappers, and the kidnapped to stand united to stay alive.

The movie is a movie of two parts. The beginning focuses on two robber brothers, Seth (George Clooney) and Richard (Quentin Tarintino famed indepedent film director). The two brothers decide they need hostages to help them escape. A family composed of a priest, his son, and eloquent daughter are the target. Seth makes it known that he is the brains of this operation and he is in charge. His brother Richard a sexual deviant fantasizes that the girl they have kidnapped mutters sexual references to him. He responds to questions he imagines she asked. In essence he blurts out he will do what he imagined she asked him if she really wishes him to. No one knows what he is talking about except Richard's brother, Seth who knows of his brother sexual problems.

After succesfully making it to Mexico. The robbers decide a little recreation is in order. They visit the Kitty Twister bar. There they are met by a greeter that delivers sexual pitches about the sales and pleasures the joint offers. After a short stay in the day, it starts to darken outside. Night is approaching and a secret about this establishment will be unveiled. The bar is run by Vampires to attract prey. The robbers, and their family, meet a big guy, and a man named sex machine whose trick is a gun in his belt buckle. Together they fight off the vampires as best they can.

By the movie's end only the bank robbers, and the family remain. The priest arms himself with a shotgun and a cross, his daughter arms herself with a self cocking crossbow, the young boy has a pistol, and the master robber Seth has a drill like device with a wooden stake. One hell of a fight ensues, by the end only Seth walks out of the bar alive. He meets with fellow criminals who wonder just what had happened.

From Dusk Till Dawn featured famous director and writer Quentin Tarntino as the crazy brother Richard. It also featured a variety of the cast used in the Desperado movie which are quickly recognized in all of their colorful roles. The movie was one of two parts, and George Clooney's best effort at a career in film. The movie even featured chief makeup effects artist Tom Savini as the character Sex Machine. The inclusion of colorful characters, exotic weapons, and creative deaths makes the movie a classic. The movie was followed by two sequels.

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