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This is the story of Geronimo an Indian chief from the past. The character of Geronimo is played by the same man who played the villanious Indian Maguai in the most recent Last of the Mohicans film. In the movie Geronimo attacks settlements to strike revenge at those that have killed his people. In the end Geronimo travels into Mexico to hide. He takes the men of his tribe and leaves the women behind. Even though no one could ever find his tribe when it was in hiding, he finally surrenders. Some of his Tribe had joined the Whites and worn the white uniform after being promised pay and rank within the American army. After Geronimo's tribe surrenders, these traitos join Geronimo on the way to their new home, a small plot of land known as a reservation. On the trip over some state that they will hate those who betrayed them forever. Then Geronimo intervenes and says there are too few of us left to hate anyone. The movie had excellent action scenes, and a most dramatic storyline. Its an accurate foretelling of the last years of Geronimo and his people.

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