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Geronimo (Turner Original Movie)

This tale of Geronimo, unlike the theatrical version by another company, tells the story of a young Geronimo, rather than an old one. In the film a young Geronimo sees the destruction that falls on Indian tribes as they refuse to unite against the encroachment of American settlers. He travels from tribe to tribe and motivates the tribes to unite and fight with him. In one of the first battles of the movie Geronimo, lures Americans to fire on just him. Geronimo runs through a small lake towards them at full speed. Three bullets rip through his body. The bullet holes can be seen lined up on one side of his body. But this did not stop him, as he arose and fired his bow defiantly. After this, the others Indians that he led move forward, surprising and annihilating the bewildered whites. Geronimo believes he was impervious to bullets, and in this one scene it seemd that he was impervious to their effects. While the movie was made for TV it like most Turner Original productions is of a quality superior to most theatrically released movies.

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