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A trio of three scientifically minded college researchers embark on a business venture after their research fuding is cut and their credibility in academic circles is destroyed. The three are led by Peter Venkman, a quick thinking, retort oriented go getter. Igan Spengler another of the three, represents the circle of science that lies in the realm of extreme logic. Ray another of the trio rejoices in the use of technical phrases to describe paranormal phenomenon. These three outcasts form the Ghostbusters company, aimed at ridding New York City and the world of ghosts, apiritions, spooks, and ghouls. At first they have great difficulty being taken seriously and have difficulty finding any work. But as the word spreads about them, they find more work then they can manage. They even hire another man to help them. Ghosts are caught and kept in a highly advanced laser containment facility after first being caught. A man from the Environmental Protection Agency doubts the safety of this facility and turns off the power to it. All hell breaks loose until the power is finally allowed to be turned on to it again. The Ghostbusters now numbering four go to the top of the highest building in New York City to combat a new highly focused area of paranormal activity; that being the powers of the godlike being Gozer. The Ghostbusters are allowed to pick their own means of destruction by this being. Everyone's mind remains blank except Ray, who thinks of the fond memories he had with Stay Puff marshmallows. A gigantic multi story Stay Puff marshmallow man appears on the horizon to mark their doom and to destroy the city. After much struggle, and an ingenius idea to cross the streams of their particle accelerator weapons, the Ghoustbusters prevail. The original Ghostbusters movie was much more popular than the second. The original movie in addition to being followed by a movie sequel, was followed by the Real Ghosbuters cartoon series, and the Extreme Ghostbusters cartoon series.

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