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The New Emperer Commodus

After killing his father, Commodus becomes the new Emperer of Rome. Commodus orders the execution of General Maximus, a man his father had wished to pass the title of emperer to. Commodus ultimately learns that Maximus is still alive and known to the crowds as Spaniard, Maximus and then general. Commodus meets Maximus in the great Roman Coliseum for a final showdown after all other means to destroy Maximus have failed. Commodus threatens to kill his own sisters child, if her loyalty ever falters, although he constantly consults her for advice, and for more "personal attention." Commodus plans to disband the Roman Senate, and jails the senators.

The Emperer Commodus is the ultimate villain. He fights dirty, he orders the death of men for sport, and pursues the love of his own sister to boot. Commodus meets his match with Maximus who refuses to kill on command in the arena, and even turns his back to the Emperer when being spoken to.

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