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The Emperer's Daughter

The daughter of a dying emperer is also the sister of a man who gains power by force. Her Father Marcus tells her that if only she was a man she could rule Rome with grace. But instead the Emperer has two choices for the heir to the empire, his son Commodus, and a trusted General Marcus. The daughter learns that her father has died supposedly in his sleep, but she knows better. She suspects her brother of killing her own father to assure his rise to power but she remains silent because of lack of proof and fear for the life of her own son. Her brother Commodus pursues her sexually and uses her son as a barganing chip to get just what he wants in any situation. Before her father's death, she was told to take care of her brother by her own father. This leaves one wondering if her father knew of his son's encounters with his daughter, or if he even suspected he would be killed by his own son.

While serving as emperer her brother Commodus exerted constant contempt for the Roman Senate and their people. Only this woman could see to it that necessary paperworks were signed and plague ridden communities taken care of. After witnessing the corruption, hatred, and demise of Rome because of her brother she schemes with captured General Maximus, who fights as a Gladiator. Her plan is to smuggle him out of Rome where he can meet up with his former soldiers in the woods and then ride back into Rome and kill Commodus to restore the glory of Rome. Her brother becomes suspicious of her and anticpiates such actions may be on the horizon and takes appropriate measures. When her son tells Commodus that he wishes to be a gladiator and not a member of the Roman legion, Commodus is furious and seeks further "comfort" from his sister.

The sister engaged in a secret admiration of Maximus. She plans for the restoration of Roman Glory and the death of her own brother who is the emperer. She is a pivotal character that represents just how gender lines of power may have been blurred even since man's early kindgoms and civilizations.

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