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Horses and Horse Apples Essay

As one watches the movie, with all of its landscapes, beautiful cities, and archetectual masterpieces one may come to ask just where do all the horses do their business. In the movie horses are everywhere; in battle; in the streets; and even in the capital city. In modern circuses horses can do no better than to leave horse apples here and there for a trusty pooper scooper man to deal with. As I watched the movie the beginning battle scene deployed an aerial showcause of arrows shooting through the air like missiles. The battle scenes up close were somewhat dark and murky, and and inside joke I started with somoene watching the film with me, was that "horse apples" must be everywhere. Horse apples refer to delicate special dung surprises horses leave behind on the battle field. In the movie Shawshank Redemption one man mistakes a horse apple for a carving rock so one gets some idea as to where the term originated for me. Throughout all the fight scenes, the slave like quarters and the grimacing looks as death blows are inflicted or delivered all I could think of was horse apples. As roman legions chase Maximus in a carriage with horses and the carriage is turned over and Maximus takes control of the horse all I could think is that sure would startle the horse. Imagine how a person would feel if somone new jumped on your back in the middle of combat. I imagine if people can soil their pants because of fear, then horses might leave horse apples behind when truly frightened. I wonder if the Roman's had a dung god, or a proverbial god of horse apples. They seem to have had one for everything else at one point or another. Even today as people drive around in cars, oil drips are everywhere. In the olden days I wonder just what a Roman Cavalry officer would do when his horsey had a case of the drips or of nervously leaving horse apples behind. It leaves one something to ponder doesen't it? Such is the legend of the mysterious horse apples in Gladiator.

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