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Maximus the Film's Hero

General Maximus fights Germaic barbarians
to for the glory of Rome and wins accolade
after accolade from Rome's Emperer and his
own men. The emperer sits on his deathbead
and decries that Maximus should be the next
emperer and not the emperer's own son,
Commodus. The Emperer's son is not happy
about this decision and kills his father and
assumes command of Rome and orders the
death of Maximus. Maximus kills the few men
meant to kill him and returns to his home in
Rome in an attempt to try to save his family from
death but he is too late.

Maximus is captured and becomes a slave.
Maximus fights in the arenas of Rome as a
gladiator. His first fights were with against other
gladiators which he easily slayed. He is then
brought to the great Roman coliseum where
the new emperer, the man who orders his
death sits perched high watching the action.
This battle was intruduced by a storyteller who
speaks of the great battles against barbarians
that Rome had waged for years. In the story of
course Maximus is one of the barbarians and is
meant to die. Maximus wears a mask to keep his
identity a secret from the emperer. Maximus fights
with other gladiators against mobile Roman legionaries
on a chariot. Maximus is known to the crowds as
Spaniard because his hair and skin color resemble
that of a Spaniard. Maximus and his gladiator friends
mame, slay, and leave their opponenets dead on the

The emperer now meets Maximus personally albeit
with a large entourage of guards for protection. Maximus
finally removes his mask after facing his back to the
emperer. The Emeperer now knows who the Spaniard
is, and the crowd learns the name of their true hero;
Maximus. Maximus then has to fight Rome's
undefeated gladiator champaion who is brought out
of retirement. Against champion and lions, Maximus
battles again. Romes senate is now disbanded and the
senators are largely under house arrest. With the
assistance of the Emperer's sister, Maximus plans a
scheme to escape. Maximus is caught and faces the
emperer in battle one on one for a final showdown in
the Coliseum.

Maximus as General of Roman Forces in Germany








Maximus as a Slave before His New Master.

Maximus fighting Rome's undefeated
Champion and lions in the Coliseum

Maximus after a failed escape attempt. The
Emperer stabs him in the shoulder and agrees
to fight him in the Coliseum.

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