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Growing up some people want to be doctors, and some people want to be lawyers or even teachers. For Henry Hill (played by Ray Liotta) the only career he ever wanted was to be a gangster. Growing up he was poor and desired the respect and money that comes from being a part of an organized crime family. When he was but a boy he would deliver things for mobsters and do other small errands. On one occasion his father complains to him about not being in school. The mobsters fix this problem by threatening to kill the mailman if he ever delivers a notice saying Henry was out of school again.

Harry never did have problems with his father or with not going to school again. As he grew older be slowly became more and more a part of the crime family. As a man Harry tells his story through narratives. The movie is based on the lifestory of the real Harry which makes this aspect of the movie most appropriate.

Harry finally builds a strong friendship with both Deniro and Pesci who play other mob characters in the film. Harry meets someone he wishes to marry and slowly she is drawn into the mystique and adventure of the mob family. In one scene Harry beats someone with his gun just for harrassing the woman he wanted to marry. He did this in broad daylight and after his deed is done he hands his gun to his woman and asks her to hide it. She didn't even question this.

Finally Harry and his girl marry. She is introduced to all the mob characters who seem to all be named Maria, or Tony. He shows her the good life. They never have to wait to get into restaurants or theators. They are just waved in via the back entrance.

Joe Pesci's character serves as the maverick. He shoots one young mob apprentice in the foot because he was slow bringing him a drink. When the young boy returns from the hospital he tells Pesci to go fuck himself. Deniro looks at Pesci and asks if he is going to take that. Pesci then rises up and shoots the boy dead. It seems Pesci will be digging a hole to bury someone tonight.

In another scene Pesci meets someone he knew from his youth that gives him a hard time about his past as a shoeshine boy. Pesci comes back latter with Deniro and kills the old guy. The only problem with this death was that the guy was a mob boss, and not to be touched unless a higher up okayed it. Deniro, and Pesci put this body in the trunk of their car and head to the hills with Harry to hide the body.

Everyone gets suspicious about where this murdered mob boss is. A few weeks later the buried body has to be dug up again to be moved. Ultimately the higher ups find out what Pesci has done and he is killed just before he becomes a full boss himself.

Harry fears for his life as the bosses may be after him too. The Feds are as well and Harry tries to scrounge up enough cash to get out of town.

Goodfellas is a story about "goodfellas" a term mobsters give to others they consider tobe trustworthy and ok guys. Deniro, Pesci, and Harry (Ray Liotta) play three goodfellas. The story is told through Ray's eyes and show the world of wealth, power, and schemes that is the mob. The mob does not steal via guns, they do so through threats, insurance fraud, and insider help.

Goodfellas represents the best Mobster movie of all time. It clearly is superiod to the Godfather triology. This movie launched Joe Pesci's career and presents the ultimate tale of criminal escape.

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