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A dad that can never invent anything that works embarks on a quest to get his son Billy the perfect present for Christmas. He finds a rare animal named Maguai at a Chinese store. The Chinese clerk sells the animal with three conditions, which are:

1 never get him wet
2 Never feed him after midnight
3 Never expose him to direct sunlight, as it will kill him

Billy loves his present and Maguai quickly becomes one of the family. The Maguai is given the name Gizmo. A friend is shown Gizmo but accidentally spills water on him. This starts a chain reaction, as little fur balls begin to pop off of Gizmo. Then it becomes apparent that this is how the Maguai reproduces. Now there are quite a few of these creatures to play with. Not all of the new ones appear like Gizmo. One of them has a white stripe on his head, and is nicknamed stripe.

The new creatures are not quite as nice as Gizmo and do not get along so well with him. Led by Spike these creatures unplug a clock and then persuade Billy to feed them after midnight because he believes it is not that late. He awakes to find the creatures in cocoon like states. They later awaken as reptilian like creatures named Gremlins that wreck havock on the city during Christmas. Gizmo however remained as he always was.

Billy hunts Spike to a swimming pool, but Spike quickly dives into it, and reproduces faster than one can imagine. Gremlins later relax at a movie theator. Billy manages to kill many of them with bright light, but has to engage in a showdown with Spike in a toy store. Gizmo drives a small car, and Spike attempts to reproduce again in a small fountain in the store. But then the store's lights are turned on and Spike quickly bakes and dies. The movie had a sequel set in a research building with genetically altered Gremlins but it was not nearly as popular as the first film.


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