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The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Movies

In one small British town a single man is snatched from the Earth just moments before his destruction. He becomes part of a crew that travels the Galaxy in search of knowledge, and to explore. The crew relies on one book known as the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy to learn all that is known about the universe. The movie has a very intricate, and highly intellectual storyline. In the film a device capable of infinite improbability is activated, enabling all manner of impossible things to occur. The meaning of life the universe and everything is sought by philosophers on an ancient world. They build a machine to answer this question. The answer given is a number with little significance. Then the task of building a more powerful machine capable of determining the exact question they really wanted answered is to be built. At first the philosophers fear being unemployed by this vast machine; but gain comfort in learning it will take hundreds of years to build. In the moments right before the machine is about to reveil the "answer" the Earth is destroyed. The Earth it becomes apparent was built by the philisophers machine as part of an experiment by beings who appear as mice on the Earth. Humans and everything else was devised to learn the meaning of life. But then it all was destroyed. Quite ironic for the original builders of the Earth and seekers of knowledge. In the end the Hitchhikers of the universe, travel to a restaurant on the edge of the universe, and meet up with a group or rich misfits who wish to remake the human race on a past version of the Earth. This group proceeds to institutue means of exchange (money) even though barely a dozen humans exist to use money. They make the tree leaf their currency of exchange. After an inflation problem, the forests are burned down. It seems Humanity was down a road to destruction yet again. Right before the last scene of the saga, the man first rescued from the Earth before its destruction and another man attempt to learn from the cavemen that inhabit the planet indiginously. A word association game is played via blocks with numbers on it. The meaning of life the universe and everything is discovered. The meaning is what it 6 times 7, the answer is other than 42, so perhaps that explains why the universe has always been so messed up. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy movies should be seen all at once or not at all as the storyline is too intricate to remember the film's separately. The movies are based on the popular books by British author Douglas Adams. The movies are highly creative and encourage new ways of thinking for all that dare to see them.

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