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Ice Pirates

In a distant galaxy, an age long war has caused a scarcity of water. The remaining water supplies constitute a means of control that the galaxy's rulers which to ration. Amidst this turmoil a merry band of pirates roams the galaxy raiding iceships along the way in the hopes of ending the galaxy's water cartel. The band is lead by the actor that played the lead cop in the Spensor for Hire TV Show.

Things are going great for this pirate band until they are captured. The male members of the Ice Pirates are sold into slavery. They are to be used almost exclusively for female pleasures. Things appear gloom until a Princess falls for one of the Ice Pirates and buys his freedom. Together with the rest of the ice pirates they search the galaxy for her father who has been missing for some time. After much travel the ice pirates enter a space warp. Everyone ages at an accelerated rate until the warp is through. At the other end of the warp lies the planet Earth and much water.

The Ice Pirates is a movie not to be taken too seriously. The lead characters carry laser pistols but prefer to use swords in any scene they can. Their spaceship is infected by herpes and the crew springs into action as if they have been reading a bit too many Spiderman comicbooks. But all in all the sci-fi film features interesting costumes, weapons, and a storyline filled with cheezy insider comments and jokes.


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