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Independence Day

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Its the Fourth of July, the day America celebrates its Indepdence Day and a new power has surfaced hovering overhead the mighty cities of America and the world. Aliens arrive in many vast spaceships but bring absolute silence with no message or hint of their intentions (quite remiscent of the V television saga from the 80's). That is until the day that all hell lets loose in Washington DC.

One scientist comes to the conclusion that the Alien vessels above are sychronizing for a major attack. The order to evacuate Washington DC comes just as a Helicopter sent to welcome the Aliens with lights is shot down. The President barely escapes in Airforce one as the Whitehouse is decimated. America promptly sends its Airforces to the skies to combat the giant ships overhead. As F-15's approach, a series of smaller crafts are released. These crafts have superb maneuverability and shields to protect from all but direct hits. America's elite pilots are all shot down, except a single pilot as played by Will Smith. He goes into a dive into a cannon with two Alien ships on his tail. They crash because of poor navigation but, his plane has to set down as well. The human pilot then promptly heads to the crashed Alien ship watches the hatch open and promptly welcomes the Alien to Earth with a swift punch in the face.

The alien forces then launch an attack on the Airfields that supplied planes for the recent offensive maneuvers in the skies. Crewmen run about wildly as green laser blasts scorch the Earth and send debris up into the air. The story then takes a somewhat comical twist as the President is lead into "Area 51" where another crashed Alien ship from the 50's was kept in secret storage.

A computer genuis determines that if a computer virus could be uploaded to the giant Alien ships in the sky then they all would lower their defensive shields as the Alien's technology would be on the fritz. This miracle virus that can transverse operating systems from different worlds, was made on a Mac naturally.

In the films dramatic end, pilots are recruited from the citizen survivors on the ground. Apparently more airplanes survived than pilots, this of course is quite illogical but makes for a good story. Will Smith pilots a repaired alien vessel which docks with one of the Alien Mother ships in space; a computer virus is uploaded and the giant vessels are one by one blown to bits. The film was one more of action than of substance. Bill Pullman did give an amazing speech before the final battle scenes of the movie. The speech was truly Shakespearean. It seemed that America and the world "would not go quietly into the night on this our Indepdence day."

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